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Just download an application. When you are near the school, start the Kids Up application. The application will work with the Kids Up system at the school to notify your kids to be ready to go. 



Your kids know exactly when you will arrive at the school. The student pick up line will be managed in the most efficient and very secure manner.



No more hassle call to your kids. Your kids do not need to carry the mobile phone. With the simple click on the mobile app, the Kids Up app will manage the calling and queuing automatically. 

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"Kids Up" was created by Articulus Company Limited. We believe in simple technology that can simplify your life. Kids Up was created to solve most common problem in school, students pick up queue, with very simple solution. 


We want to help parents when they pick up their kids at school. We want to help school spending less time managing student pick up issues in order for school to focus more on academic. We want to help kids to meet their parents easily and securely. Finally, we want school help reducing heavy traffic outside school since the traffic in school is much better managed with Kids Up.


We are using the most simple technology that already in your hand, "Smart phone". Your smart phone works with our Kids Up system installed at school. The students notification, pick up queue, and car queue will be managed flawlessly. No additional complex access card system is required. No more hassle phone calls to the kids. No more headache.





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Kids Up mobile application is designed to facilitate the school traffic and pickup process. Only users who registered to use Kids Up services with the school will use the service. Service requires to have the user's mobile phone number to verify the identity of the users. The information provided through the application is solely used for the Kids Up service to facilitate your pick up students at school. 
The Kids Up app needs to use your location to calculate travel time from your current location to the school. The app uses your location in the background to update your position on the map in your app. We keep only the last location from the app to display on the map. The system does not record travel history. When the user press DONE to end the student pick up process, the app stops using your location. The app does not use your location when the app is not in use. 
To protect You privacy, we take precautions to protect your information. Your information is protected both online and offline. We do not share your information with any third party company. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer services) are granted access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers in which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.
You can choose to opt-out of your information from the Kids Up system. You can contact the school where you originally applied for the Kids Up service. Upon receiving opt-out confirmation from the school, we will completely remove your information from the system.